Long List of Best Debian Packages and Commands
apt install gpm

Installs a text mode mouse driver for using the mouse in a system that doesn’t have a display or window manager.

apt install llmnrd

Installs a package that notifies Windows machines on the local network of your host name in Debian.

apt install npm
node --version
npm install -g n
export PATH="$PATH"
n latest && n prune

Installs the Node.js package manager and Node.js version manager, updating it to the latest version and getting rid of older versions.

npm install -g pm2
pm2 startup
pm2 start script.js
pm2 save

Installs the daemon process manager for keeping scripts, like script.js, running as a system service.

apt install default-jre-headless
java --version

Installs the latest default Java Runtime Environment and confirms its installation by echoing the version.

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