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Mount SFTP Location As Network Drive In Windows

Mount SFTP Location As Network Drive In Windows

After a recent Windows update, there is an unknown issue plaguing Samba users, leaving them unable to access their Samba shares in Linux from Windows. As a workaround, you can install SSHFS-Win and WinFsp to access your Linux filesystem through SFTP. You can browse these SFTP shares much like you would with Samba shares.

To access your user’s home directory, you can go to \\sshfs\\user@host in the Windows Explorer address bar. Of course, you will need to specify the correct username and host in place of user@host. Similarly, you can access the root filesystem using \\sshfs.r\user@host given that user has sufficient privileges.

You can then use programs like Sublime Text to work within an entire directory structure from Windows with ease.

by caharkness on July 20th, 2021
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